The Magic Cup

"Appearances, facts, and truth – how could anyone know if they were one and the same?"

A magical, engrossing story of a leader, a team, and the power of putting people and values first, THE MAGIC CUP reminds us of the fairy tales we grew up on where good always wins over evil, and where those who do the right thing come out on top. In our real worlds, competition for success is often rough, and even cutthroat, and we’ve often been taught that nice guys—and women—finish last. Yet the story of THE MAGIC CUP, and the example of Howard Behar’s own life and leadership, prove otherwise.

Inspired by his landmark years as one of the three leaders who built the Starbucks organization, and the enthusiastic response to his first book It’s Not About the Coffee Howard Behar now inspires readers and entire organizations to remember, believe in, and act on the values, bigger purpose, and success they aspire to—and to reap the personal and business rewards that ensue.

The story revolves around Vince Steadfast, the newly named CEO of the imaginary manufacturer, Verity Glassworks, which has fallen on difficult times. Vince is hired to help the once iconic company return to its glory days, and he brings with him a parting gift from his mentor and former boss: a stunning crystal coffee cup from Verity's halcyon days.

As Vince and his new team make their way through many challenges, including the aptly named Worthy Way, the Perilous Passage, and the Arduous Stairs, the cup turns out to be magical - truly - and its ability to fill itself with an elixir of good will helps Steadfast come to understand and reinvigorate the values that Verity has misplaced along the way.In the tradition of great parable writers throughout history, Behar quickly involves us in an engrossing tale, continually challenging us to compare each situation with our own real-life experiences. The story of The Magic Cup helps each of us discover that it is only by acting on sound moral principles that can we fill our own cups with the personal and professional success and satisfaction we seek.